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Chinon Castle in France, Loire Valley resort

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Chinon Castle – one of the castles of the Loire, belonging to the royal dynasty. Included in the UNESCO World Heritage List. The castle was built on the site of Roman fortifications. The very first building of this castle, still wooden, was built in 954 by the Comte de Blois, Thibault I, on a rocky area. In 1044, a fortress was built, which passed to the Count of Anjou, Geoffroy II Martel. He united two ancient buildings, the Coudre Castle and the Middle Castle, completing the dungeons and the chapel. Eastern part – Fort St. George – completed by Henry II Plantagenet.

The construction of these structures was completed by 1205. The castle passed to Philip Augustus.   Immediately, work began on the construction of the towers – Watchdog and Psarny. In the same period, earthen ramparts and ditches were added, separating the western part of the castle from the eastern one. Other additions were completed in the 15th century. In 1308, the Templars were imprisoned in the castle, whose order fell out of favor.

The Dauphin Charles's residence was located in Chinon, here in 1429 he received Jeanne d'Arc. From here, Charles VII began to rebuild the country's way of life, abolishing the feudal foundations. During his reign, the castle flourished. In the 17th century, Cardinal Richelieu owned the castle and bequeathed it to his descendants. Under him, the Throne Room and some other rooms were abolished.

Since 1854, the castle has been restored: the floors in the royal chambers have been restored, the rooms have been filled with copies of antique objects   furniture.  

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Topic: Chinon Castle in France, Loire Valley resort.Chinon Castle in France, Loire Valley resort

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