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Brissac Castle in France, Loire Valley resort

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Brissac Castle – one of the castles of the Loire, built by Fulk Nerra, Count of Anjou. The owners were constantly changing, and in 1434 the castle was acquired by Pierre de Brize, who was minister several times under Charles VII and Louis XI. He renovated the fortification. Today only two towers remain from the buildings of that era.

In 1502, Rene de Cose acquired the castle and the land. There are legends that the castle was sold urgently, because the then owner of the castle, Jacques de Brizet, dealt with his wife and her lover with his own hands and, of course, wanted to hide it. The castle has 203 halls and rooms. The ghost of the hostess, as the legend says, still wanders along the corridors of the castle.

During the wars of religion, the castle was badly damaged, but was rebuilt in 1614 by Charles II de Causey, Duke de Brissac, Marshal of France. He turned for help to the famous architect Jacques Corbino, who proposed a project unique for its time: a building of 7-8 floors. This height of the buildings was very unusual for the early 17th century. After the death of Charles II de Cosey in 1621, work was suspended, and the desired height was never reached.

The influence of the Italian style in the buildings is noticeable: graceful, but somewhat asymmetrical buildings with high fireplaces pipes and windows crowned with arches. The eastern and northern facades of the castle overlook the town of Brissac and the park.

The castle of Brissac has seen many interesting events, one of them is – the reconciliation of Louis XIII with his mother Maria de Medici, the widow of Henry IV, who raised troops against his son. The Duke of Cause-Brissac arranged a magnificent celebration on this occasion.

The Cosset-Brissac family   owned the castle for centuries. Among the family members were very distinguished persons: four marshals of France, the commander-in-chief of artillery, five governors of Paris and many other statesmen.

The chambers of the castle are very richly decorated with wood carved panels, painted beams, and the furnishings still consists of original antique pieces of furniture. The castle also has a collection of tapestries in the Judith Room; the large Hall of the Guards is decorated with coats of arms, weapons, saddles and trellises; in the remaining halls of the castle – many family portraits made by great masters.   many family portraits made by famous artists. The southern Gothic tower houses a chapel with a marble bas-relief work of David d'Anger, a local sculptor active in the first half of the 19th century.

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Topic: Brissac Castle in France, Loire Valley resort.Brissac Castle in France, Loire Valley resort

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