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Esterhazy Castle in Austria

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Esterhazy Castle is the symbol of the city of Eisenstadt. The castle was erected at the turn of the XIII-XIV centuries and was a fortress built in the Gothic style. In the 15th century, the fortress and the whole city as a whole passed into the possession of the Habsburgs. In 1622 the castle was donated to Prince Nikolaus Esterhazy. The Esterhazy family at that time had a great influence over Eisenstadt and helped the Habsburgs control Hungary.

In 1663-1675, the architect Carlo Martino Karione rebuilt the baroque castle. Subsequently, the palace was rebuilt more than once. In the 18th century, the castle was reconstructed, after which only the interior was changed. In the 19th century, it was reconstructed, giving it neoclassical features. Until today, the castle looks like this.

During the Second World War, the building of the palace was badly damaged, and only in 1957 its restoration began, after which the castle was opened to the public as a national museum.

The castle built around a courtyard and resembles a horseshoe. The facade of the castle is pastel colored, which is decorated with busts of Hungarian kings and representatives of the Esterhazy family.

There are only 6 halls and 200 rooms in the Esterhazy castle. Once on the first floor there was a baronial hall, now it has been converted into a concert hall or Haydn's hall. It is here that the famous Austrian composer Joseph Haydn lived and worked for a long time. The ceilings and walls of the hall are decorated with stucco, frescoes on the theme of ancient Greek myths, portraits of Hungarian rulers. The floor of the hall is made of wood in order to create better acoustics in the room.

Another concert hall is the imperial hall, located in the southern part of the castle. The hall of mirrors, the Chinese hall, the chapel and the picturesque park located next to the castle are very popular with tourists.

Many rooms of the palace are made in different styles. For example, the Chinese hall appeared in the castle thanks to the creation of strong relations with China, and as a result is decorated in an oriental style.

In general, Esterhazy Castle is a historical monument and a kind of center of the cultural life of the city of Eisenstadt.

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Topic: Esterhazy Castle in Austria.Esterhazy Castle in Austria

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