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Marschiertor in Germany, resort Aachen

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The Marschiertor is the south gate tower of the city wall of Aachen.

The Marschiertor is represented by two four-storey circular towers united by a central five-storey building. The structure is crowned with a high hipped roof. Both towers have spiral staircases that lead to the weapons hall located in the central building. On the ground floor there were rooms for the guard and ubliyas serving as dungeons.

Earlier, on the south side of the gate, there was a barbican, which was demolished in the 18th century. A trench fortification appeared in its place, which was completely destroyed during the Second World War.

Construction of the tower was started in 1257 and finished after 1300. For many centuries, the Marschiertor tower, along with the Jacob Gate, the Cologne Gate and the Ponttor tower, was the main gateway to the second ring of the Aachen walls, built at the turn of the 14th-15th centuries.

The tower housed the city garrison, which is reminiscent of a bronze statue of a soldier, which can be observed from the north side of the tower.

Over the entire history of its existence, the tower was repeatedly besieged. During the sieges, the occupation troops were stationed here. Later, the tower housed a shelter, a tourist base. During the Second World War, the tower was seriously damaged.

In 1964 the gate was completely restored. Upon completion of the work, the tower housed the headquarters of the Aachen Carnival Society.

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Topic: Marschiertor in Germany, resort Aachen.Marschiertor in Germany, resort Aachen

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