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Aachen City Hall in Germany, Aachen Spa

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The Aachen Town Hall is the building of the Aachen city government. Along with the Imperial Cathedral, the town hall building is the most significant architectural monument of the historical center of the city.

Since 1267, the city magistrate was housed in the Herb House, on the Fischmarkt square. After Aachen became the 'Free City of the Holy Roman See' in 1306, it became necessary to erect a new town hall building where coronations could take place.

In 1330, at the initiative of the burgomaster Gerhard Horus began the construction of the town hall, on the foundations of the destroyed royal palace. The construction was completed in 1349.

A large city fire in May 1656 completely destroyed the tower spiers and the roof of the town hall. The roof and spiers were later restored in a superb Baroque style. In the 18th century, during the reconstruction work, the entire town hall building acquired a baroque style. The interior was decorated with wood paneling by Jacques de Rey's Liege workshop and frescoes by Johann Chrysanthem Bollenrath.

During the 19th century, the town hall was often rebuilt, gradually returning to the Gothic image.

The north facade was decorated with statues of kings in the neo-Gothic style, as well as symbols of Christianity, art and science. The main staircase and the coronation hall have acquired their original appearance. The walls of the town hall were decorated with frescoes by Alfred Rethel. Today, the surviving frescoes of the town hall are an outstanding example of late romantic historical painting.

In 1883, a massive fire broke out in the building, which also destroyed the spiers of the towers and part of the roof. The reconstruction work was completed already in 1902.

During the Second World War, the Town Hall was badly damaged, however, restoration work was soon started. The facade of the building was one of the first to be restored. By the end of the 1970s, the restoration of the towers and interiors was completed.

Today, the Aachen Town Hall is a real museum, which houses historical monuments and outstanding works of art. Here you can see the attributes of the imperial power (copies) from the Vienna treasury,

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Topic: Aachen City Hall in Germany, Aachen Spa.Aachen City Hall in Germany, Aachen Spa

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