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Bargello Palace in Italy, Florence resort

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The Bargello Palace, also known as the People's Palace, is now an art museum. Previously, the building was used as a barracks and a prison.

The palazzo looks like a severe, powerful fortress. The building was erected specifically for the ruler of the city in 1255. Soon the heads of the judiciary and executive authorities were housed in the palace, and after – Justice Council. In the second half of the 16th century, the estate was taken over by the captain of the police guard (bargello).

The facade of the building was divided into three parts by two horizontal belts. The windows were made in different shapes: in the upper part – with crossbars, at the bottom – paired or single. The roof of the building is decorated with a scalloped cornice, consisting of small consoles and arches.

The inner courtyard of the palace is decorated with arcades and pylons. An open staircase built by Neri di Fiovante in the 14th century leads to the upper loggia, created in 1319 by Tone di Giovanni. On the walls in the courtyard, you can see the coats of arms of the supreme judges and rulers of the city.

Since 1865, the palace has housed a museum, where the works of art of the XIV – XVII centuries. Here are kept such creations of Michelangelo as Brutus, Madonna and Child, David-Apollo. and Bacchus. In addition, the museum also contains works by Donatello `` Saint George '' and 'David', bust ' Casimo the First Medici, by Sansovino Bacchus and others

The Bargello Palace, along with other attractions in the historic center of Florence, has been declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site.


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Topic: Bargello Palace in Italy, Florence resort.Bargello Palace in Italy, Florence resort

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