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Norman Palace in Italy, Sicily resort

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Palazzo Normanni is the former residence of the Sicilian kings, located on the outskirts of the historic city. One of the most important sights in the palace is the Palatine Chapel.

Initially, there were Phoenician buildings on the site of the palace, then Roman fortifications. In 875, the city was seized by the Arabs, who built their fortress on the site of ancient ruins – Palace of the Emirs. During the Arab era, the fortress was controlled by Palermo, and the residence of the emirs was in the city.

In 1072, the Normans took possession of the city, and Robert Guiscard used the Palace of the Emirs as his residence.   Roger II, Robert's nephew, turned the residence into a real royal palace. In the course of construction work, four towers were added to the building – Georgia, Leaning, Greek and Red. His son Wilhelm the First Evil added the Kirimbi Tower. Unfortunately, only the Leaning Tower of Pisa has survived to this day. Roger also designed and consecrated the private royal chapel – Palatine Chapel.

During the reign of Frederick II, the palace turned into an imperial residence. After the death of the Hohenstaufens, the city's capital status was lost, and the palace was turned into an ordinary fortress.

Since the 16th century, the Norman Palace became the seat of the Spanish viceroys of Sicily. Over the course of two centuries, the palace has been rebuilt and expanded several times. In 1616, the building acquired a new facade overlooking the current Victory Square. In the 1580s, the Fountain Courtyard was equipped, in 1598-1601 – yard of Makeda. In 1735, a monumental staircase was built leading from the courtyard of Makeda to the chambers on the third floor.

Since 1947, the Regional Assembly has been located in the palace. The Palatine Chapel is now a museum.

The western and southwestern facades have retained their original appearance. From these sides, the palazzo looks like a powerful fortress, with small loopholes windows. The only decoration of the facade – a pattern of intricate arches.

The southeastern facade was in the Renaissance style. The main entrance to the palace is located here.

In addition to the famous Palatine Chapel, the palace has also preserved the Roger's Hall,

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Topic: Norman Palace in Italy, Sicily resort.Norman Palace in Italy, Sicily resort

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