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Musical theater in Austria, Linz resort

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The history of musical theater began with the formation in 1984 of the union of friends of musical theater, consisting of the cultural elite of the city and numbering about 6 thousand people. The construction site of the theater building was discussed for a very long time, but finally, in 2004, the members of the union came to a consensus and decided to build the Musical Theater next to the Volksgarten park on Bloomauer's square on the site of the former hospital for the disabled. A competition was announced for the best design of the building, in which the tender was won by the firm of the famous British architect Terry Pawson.

Construction of the theater began in March 2008 in parallel with the renovation of Bloomauer Square. In the spring of 2009, construction began on the theater building itself, and completion is planned for the spring of 2013.

The Musical Theater is a seven-story building with two floors underground. Its area with all adjacent territories is slightly more than 3 hectares. The theater is 82 meters wide and 162 meters long. The height of the building is about 26 meters, and the tower in which the stage is located is 37 meters. From the side of the Volksgarten park there is the main entrance, which is a solid glass wall 10 meters high and 60 meters wide.  

The Great Hall of the Musical Theater will accommodate 970 spectators, but if the need arises, there will be an opportunity to increase the number of seats to 1200. There will also be a small hall for 200 seats, rooms for rehearsals, restaurants and cafes, underground parking and other amenities.  

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Topic: Musical theater in Austria, Linz resort.Musical theater in Austria, Linz resort

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