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Muskau Park in Germany

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Muskau Park & ndash; the largest landscape English park in Central Europe, located on the border between Germany and Poland. Occupies an area of about 545 hectares. Two thirds of the park belongs to Poland, with this part the park is connected by a bridge over the Neisse.

The park owes its appearance to Prince Hermann von Puckler-Muskau, who wanted to decorate his city. In order to realize his plan, the prince went to England, where he got acquainted with the trends of park art of that time. The formation and design of the park began in 1815. The prince was supported by Jacob Heinrich Raeder, and his work was continued by Eduard Petzold (the prince's student). Already in 1845 Muskau was sold by the prince for debts.

Initially, the park lay around the town of Muskau and several surrounding villages. Today, on the territory of the park, which has grown significantly, there is the New Palace, renovated by Prince Puckler-Muskau, the Old Palace (a museum of Renaissance architecture), the Tropical House with exotic plants, the Kavalersky Dvor, where the courtyard used to be located, and today -; mud clinic. In addition, the park has a bathing house, a mountain area, a palace park, and a Moorish-style greenhouse. The only element that has not survived to this day is – This is the Muskau Arboretum, famous for the richness and diversity of plant species.

Until 1945, the park was owned by Counts von Arnim. They weren't involved in the park at all. But thanks to the efforts of the park director Kurt Kurland, the German part of the park has retained its unique image and in 1965 received the status of a protected natural and architectural object. The Polish part of the park complex was also transferred under protection. The territory of the Polish part increased until the end of the 20th century.

Muskau Park was listed in the Blue Book, and in 2004, – to the UNESCO World Heritage List.

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