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Memorial”Berlin Wall” in Germany, Berlin resort

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Berlin Wall Memorial – surviving elements of the Berlin Wall forming a memorial. In May 2010, the inauguration of the first part of this memorial, called the `` Window of Memory '', took place. and dedicated to the Germans who crashed while jumping from the windows of houses on Bernauer Strasse. The windows in these houses were bricked up. Also, this part of the memorial is dedicated to those who tried to move from one part of Berlin to another and died in the process. On the monument, made of rusty steel, black and white images of those killed in the war are placed in several rows.

The memorial complex is planned to be fully completed by 2012. Its final version will take four hectares. The city senate has invested 28 million euros in the construction of the memorial.

The Berlin Wall has two sides – east and west. On the east side, people did not allow anyone to approach it, but on the west side it became a canvas for artists, professionals and amateurs. By 1989, it had developed into a graffiti exhibition that spans many kilometers. After the destruction, the fragments of the wall became an object of trade. Some of them are now in the offices of Microsoft, in the offices of the CIA, many – privately owned.


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Topic: Memorial”Berlin Wall” in Germany, Berlin resort.Memorial”Berlin Wall” in Germany, Berlin resort

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