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Berlin engraving office in Germany, Berlin resort

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Berlin engraving office – one of the largest collections of graphics in Germany, part of the State Museums in Berlin. The museum's collection contains more than 500 thousand prints and more than 110 thousand drawings, watercolors and pastels. The Engraving Office is located in the Tiergarten area and is part of the Kulturforum.

The basis for the office, opened in 1831, was a collection of 2500 watercolors and drawings collected by Elector Friedrich Wilhelm. Previously housed in the court library, the collection grew in the 19th century with the acquisition of private collections. During this period, the collection included such valuable exhibits as drawings by Albrecht Durer, Matthias Grunewald and others, illustrations for the Divine Comedy. Dante by Sandro Botticelli.

In 1986, an extensive collection of drawings collected by the National Gallery was transferred to the Engraving Office. After the war, the collection was supplemented by works by Expressionists, who were considered `` degenerate art '' under the rule of the Third Reich. In 1994, a new building of the Engraving Office was opened in the Kulturforum, where engraving collections from the west and east of the country were united.

The exhibits included in the collection cover a huge time period: from the Middle Ages to the present day. Among them are drawings, printed graphics; illuminated drawings of the Middle Ages and Renaissance; sketches, engraving boards and geographical maps. Here are the works of artists from different countries and different directions: Italian, Dutch, German artists (Menzel, Schinkel, Bosch, Rembrandt,

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Topic: Berlin engraving office in Germany, Berlin resort.Berlin engraving office in Germany, Berlin resort

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