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Corvey Abbey in Germany

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Corvey Abbey – a former imperial Benedictine abbey on the Weser River in Germany. The monastery was founded in 815 under the patronage of Louis the Pious by the two grandchildren of Karl Martel, who arrived from the Abbey of Corbee in Picardy. This abbey was initially nicknamed the `` new Corby '', later the name changed to `` Corvey. ''

The abbey saw many German monarchs within its walls due to its convenient position (at one of the most popular roads in medieval Germany); they honored the monastery with various honors and privileges. For example, Corvey was the first abbey to start minting coins.

On the territory of the abbey, there are several ancient monuments of monastery architecture. Among them, for example, the monastery church of St. Peter (built during the last Carolingian times and restored in the XII century). In the Middle Ages   Corvey became a major cultural and educational center: the Saxon historian Vidukind of Corvey and the missionary Ansgar, who baptized the Scandinavians, studied here. The chronicle was kept here and there was a scriptorium. The monastery library contained many priceless manuscripts.

However, from the 15th century, the abbey began to gradually decline. It was abolished during the period of Napoleonic secularization, in 1803. After the Napoleonic Wars, the Abbey of Corvey was acquired by the Landgraves of Hesse-Rothenburg. They remodeled the abbey buildings, turning it into a princely residence. In the 19th century, it passed into the hands of the Duke of Corvey, Clovis Hohenlohe.

Over time, the library of the abbey suffered: many books were lost, the rest - – scattered throughout the family princely collections. Today the library stores 67,000 volumes in French, English, and German. Among them are unique copies of many English novels.


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