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Bebenhausen Monastery in Germany

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Bebenhausen Monastery – the building of the monastery near the ancient city of Tubengen. In the past, the monastery belonged to the Catholic Cistercian order. After the Restoration, the monastery building took over the monastery school, a little later - – the country palace of the rulers of Baden-Wurttemberg.

The monastery was founded by the palatine Rudolf von Tubingen in 1183. Soon the Cistercians settled here and continued to finish building the monastery. By the 13th century, about sixty monks lived here. On the territory of the monastery there are buildings that are of constant interest to tourists: a church, an ancient cemetery, a chapter hall, a dormitory, a winter refectory, a parlatorium, a hall of brothers, a kalefactory.

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Topic: Bebenhausen Monastery in Germany.Bebenhausen Monastery in Germany

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