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Margrave Opera House in Germany

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Margrave Opera House – opera house in Bayreuth. The building was erected in the middle of the 18th century by the architect Joseph Saint-Pierre and is the home of the Bayreuth Rococo. The construction of the theater was timed to coincide with the engagement of Elizabeth Friderica Sophia of Brandenburg-Bayreuth (daughter of Margrave Bayreuth Frederick III) to Karl Eugene, Duke of Wurttemberg. The interior was designed by decorators Giuseppe and Carlo Galli-Bibiena in the late Baroque style.

The large stage (27 meters deep) is considered the largest in Germany at that time. This attracted Richard Wagner, but he built the Bayreuth Festival Theater in the north of the city.

Every year since 1994, the Bayreuth Easter Festival is held here, and since 2000 – Bayreuth Baroque Festival.


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Topic: Margrave Opera House in Germany.Margrave Opera House in Germany

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