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Zalem Abbey in Germany

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Zalem Abbey – one of the largest and richest monasteries of the Cistercian order, located in the vicinity of Lake Constance.

The monastery was founded in the 30s. XII century, in the late Middle Ages, acquired a high position and special privileges. In the 17th century it was badly damaged by fire, a century later it became the flourishing place of the German Rococo, and the first savings bank in Germany was founded here.

The monastery ensemble, built in the Baroque style of 1697-1706. by the architect Franz Ber in 1804, along with some other buildings, it was acquired by the Margrave of Baden. From that moment on, all his possessions were united under the name of Zalem Abbey, in which the family of the margrave lives.

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Topic: Zalem Abbey in Germany.Zalem Abbey in Germany

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