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Abbey of St. Peter in Austria, Salzburg resort

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St. Peter's Abbey was founded around 690 by St. Rupert. Until 1100 it was the seat of the archbishop. The abbey is located next to the Monchsberg mountain.

The abbey is a complex of buildings with three courtyards and the Church of St. Peter. Almost all the buildings of the abbey were built in the 17th-18th centuries, except for the church, which appeared in 1143. The church was built in the Baroque style with Romanesque elements. The interior of the church is decorated with ornaments in the form of shells, paintings, stucco. Since 1444, the relics of St. Rupert (patron saint of Salzburg) have been buried in the right nave. There is also a statue of the Beautiful Madonna of the 15th century preserved here.

In the wall of the Monchsberg mountain, to which the abbey of St. Peter adjoins, the catacombs have been cut down. Before the founding of the abbey, hermit monks of the early Christian era lived in the caves. In the narrow space between the side wall of St. Peter's Cathedral and the rock, there is a very ancient small cemetery where the monks of the abbey were buried.  

The abbey has an ancient library, which contains thousands of books that are not accessible to public.

Today the abbey functions as a monastery. The monastery cathedral and parts of the abbey are open to tourists.

Like many buildings located in the historic center of Salzburg, the complex of buildings of St. Peter's Abbey is included in the UNESCO World Heritage List.

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Topic: Abbey of St. Peter in Austria, Salzburg resort.Abbey of St. Peter in Austria, Salzburg resort

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