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Pont Royal in France, Paris resort

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One of the bridges over the Seine near the Bank of Paris, the Royal Bridge is, according to official historical documents, the third oldest bridge in Paris.

The first mention of the pedestrian bridge on site the current one is dated to 1632. Until that date, a ferry served as a ferry across the Seine. The original name of the bridge was: St. Anne's Bridge, and the opening of the crossing was timed to coincide with the birthday of Queen Anne of Austria. The bridge was made of wood, so it could not stand for a long time, after ten years it burned down, the newly rebuilt bridge was carried away by numerous floods, and by 1660 the strong flooding of the city completely destroyed the bridge, including its supports.
More than half a century after its foundation, in 1685, on the personal order of King Louis XIV, this bridge was rebuilt, now of stone. At the same time he was given the name of the Royal Bridge. After its opening, Pont Royal became a favorite place for Parisians to meet and hold festivities.

So the bridge existed until the 18th century, when after the Great Revolution the name Royal was changed to National, and the bridge itself became part of the defense complex of the Tuileries Palace. Several cannons were placed on the bridge, and it became closed to ordinary citizens.

The former function of the bridge was returned only in the 19th century, at the same time the National Bridge became the Royal Bridge again. 1850 is listed in history as the date of the final reconstruction of the bridge,

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Topic: Pont Royal in France, Paris resort.Pont Royal in France, Paris resort

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