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Small Bridge in France, Paris resort

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The Small Bridge serves as a connection between the 4th and 5th Parisian arrondissements and is quite consistent with its name. The bridge is only 32 meters long.

This bridge over the Seine was erected a long time ago, but the form that it has now was given to it in 1853. The Lesser Bridge can rightfully be considered the oldest bridge in Paris. The exact date of its construction is controversial. French historians agree on the X-XI centuries. There were actually several bridges at this place, at first, according to the chronicles, wooden ones. Later – stone. This bridge was destroyed more than once, each time there were heavy wars behind the destruction, mainly with the Normans.

Relatively stable Small bridge began to hold only in 1408. Only then began to destroy it not by the enemy forces, but by the elements. The Seine that overflowed the banks of the Seine once washed away all the bridges of Paris and there were even periods when the city was literally divided into two parts.

In 1853, the bridge was finally enough fortified to withstand the worst floods.


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Topic: Small Bridge in France, Paris resort.Small Bridge in France, Paris resort

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