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Alma Bridge in France, Paris resort

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Built in 1856, this bridge is dedicated to the military glory of France, in particular to the victory over Russian troops in the Crimean War.

At the grand opening of the bridge Napoleon III was present. The name of the bridge was given by the nearby Alma square.

There are only 4 abutments at the bridge. At the time of the opening, each had a statue of a French soldier of one or another type of troops. They were: infantryman, grenadier, zouave and artilleryman. The functions of these statues were not only to decorate the bridge, but also to determine the water level in the Seine. As soon as the water reached the feet of the statue, the bridge was closed, and if the water rose even higher - then navigation on the river was prohibited.

To date, the bridge has been widened to accommodate traffic, and the statues have been transported to other cities and museums in France. Only the Zouave statue remained on the Alma Bridge.

In 1989, a copy of a part of the torch of the American Statue of Liberty was placed near the bridge.  


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Topic: Alma Bridge in France, Paris resort.Alma Bridge in France, Paris resort

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