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Pont Saint-Michel in France, Paris resort

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One of the oldest bridges in Paris, Pont Saint-Michel is located not far from the legendary Pont de Change. In some ways, even in their history, these two bridges are similar, not to mention the similarity of operation.

The bridge was built in 1378. The architect of the Seine crossing was the notorious Gugu Obrio – designer and chief responsible for the construction of the Bastille. The question of erecting a bridge arose when the nearby Small Bridge, which was laid by the ancient Romans who kept their legions in Gaul, ceased to cope with the flow of people and carts.

The bridge got its name from the chapel of the same name, located nearby on the right bank of the Seine.

Immediately at the time of construction on the Pont Saint-Michel, residential buildings and merchants' shops began to be built. This fact hastened the process of destruction of the wooden structure of the bridge. In addition to this, frequent floods literally washed away all the buildings erected on it.

Only at the end of the 18th century, the ban imposed by Louis XVI on the construction of any buildings on bridges made it possible to overhaul the Pont Saint-Michel .

The last significant reconstruction of the bridge was carried out in 1850, when it was given the form that can be seen today. Currently the bridge is a transport bridge with two pedestrian sidewalks.

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