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Sauto Theater in Cuba, Matanzas Resort

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Sauto Theater – built in the middle of the 19th century (grand opening on April 6, 1863) on Vihia Square, which is considered a historical center. The theater is now the pride of the city, moreover, this is the most famous building of Matanzas.

At first the theater was called Esteban; in honor of the provincial governor, who financed its construction, but soon began to bear the name of one pharmacist – Ambrosio de la Concepcion Sauto - he cured the Spanish queen Isabella II herself from a skin infection, and then was killed for her political views.

This is a solid building in the neoclassical style, decorated with antique marble sculptures, painted by Daniel del Allo with frescoes in the spirit of the Renaissance. The interior decoration is almost entirely made of wood.

Thanks to the good acoustics of the Sauto Theater, its stage was staged with the participation of famous artists of the XIX-XX centuries: the French actress Sarah Bernhardt, the Russian ballerina Anna Pavlova, the Spanish guitarist Andres Segovia, Italian opera singer Enrico Caruso and others.

Today, the Sauto Theater opens its doors about five times a week, presenting a rich, interesting and stable program to its regular audience and visitors ... The Sauto Theater has long been a symbol of the city and was declared a National Monument in 1978.

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Topic: Sauto Theater in Cuba, Matanzas Resort.Sauto Theater in Cuba, Matanzas Resort

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