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Opera House in Hamburg, Germany

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The Hamburg Opera House is the oldest publicly accessible musical theater in Germany.

The theater was founded on the initiative of the city government in 1677. Since the Thirty Years' War did not affect the city, the local burghers had sufficient funds to create their own opera stage. The theater was opened in January 1678. On the opening day, an opera, written by Johann Tayle,"Adam and Eve" was staged on the stage of the theater.

The theater in Hamburg was not a courtier, unlike the opera houses in other German cities. Initially, there were only amateur singers in the theater troupe. In the early years, performances on religious subjects took place here. Subsequently, the range of productions expanded – often performances on mythological, legendary, historical, everyday themes began to be given on the stage.

In 1738 the Opera House ceased to exist. The stage of the theater became the venue for performances mainly for touring Italian troupes. In 1763, the theater building was finally destroyed, since the main material was wood.

In 1765, a decision was made to build a new City Theater in Hamburg. Construction was carried out until 1766. The theater was also built of wood.

In May 1826, construction began on a new theater, already made of stone. The grand opening took place with one of the works of Ludwig van Beethoven. In the 1870s, restoration work was carried out in the building, during which the theater was redesigned in accordance with modern fashion trends. At the beginning of the 20th century, the theater staged mainly opera performances.

During the Second World War, the theater building was seriously damaged. Restoration work was soon carried out. The Hamburg State Opera reopened its doors in 1955. In 1967, the theater for the first time in the world launched the broadcast of one of the performances on TV. This attempt was quite successful.


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Topic: Opera House in Hamburg, Germany.Opera House in Hamburg, Germany

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