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Estates theater in the Czech Republic, Prague spa

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The Estates Theater was founded by Count Frantisek Nostitz – an aristocrat of the Enlightenment, on his own land with the permission of Emperor Joseph II. Thanks to the support of the emperor, all the protests of the residents of neighboring houses were reduced to zero. The very first foundation stone of the building was laid in 1781, and two years later the grand opening took place.

During the preparation of the ground for the foundation, a vessel with silver coins was discovered, which was perceived as good the Omen. The architect of the building was A. Gaffenker, who proposed to build a theater in the classical style. Nowadays, this is one of the few buildings in Prague that has survived in its original form. The facade of the building was made in the style of French classicism.

In 1786 in the theater his opera"Figaro's Wedding" conducted by V.A. Mozart, and in October 1787 the world premiere of the famous opera Don Giovanni took place here, also with the participation of the author. Later, other productions of Mozart were staged in the theater.

The heir to the count, after his death sold the theater to the Czech estates, since then it began to be called the Estates Theater. In 1828, six concerts by the great composer Paganini took place here. In the 1920s, the Estates Theater officially joined the National Theater. In 1948, the theater began to be called Tylov, and it also became a permanent stage for drama performances. In 1991 the old name of the theater was returned.

In the 19th century, the theater underwent several reconstruction works, during which the building was expanded to the Fruit Market. The last reconstruction work was carried out in 1983-1991 – external walls were reinforced, foundations were reinforced, timber structures, ceiling paintings and decorations were renewed.


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Topic: Estates theater in the Czech Republic, Prague spa.Estates theater in the Czech Republic, Prague spa

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