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Balyamar Cave in Cuba, Matanzas Resort

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Bellamar Cave is located near the province of Matanzas. According to legends, this cave was discovered in 1850 by shepherds who went in search of the lost sheep and accidentally came across the entrance to the underground grottoes. However, over the next century, the caves were forgotten – superstitious people were afraid of meeting evil spirits living underground. Only in the second half of the 20th century, researchers paid attention to the Bellamar cave.

Today the cave has a length of about three kilometers and a depth of about 50 meters. After long work, the cave became suitable for a safe visit, and now tourists have the opportunity to observe the stunning galleries of stalactite and stalagmite formations, the estimated age of which is – 40   000 years.

The ceilings and walls of the cave are covered with crystals, flickering colored lights. The cave has a stream with   icy transparent water and karst lakes surrounded by stalagmites. There are also separate objects inside the cave, in particular the so-called Columbus Cloak, an unusual crystalline formation about 12 meters high, resembling the folds of a cloak hanging from the ceiling. Along with it in its grandeur is the `` Gothic Hall '' - underground grotto 25 meters wide, 80 meters deep.

Tourists are offered a route only 300 meters long, but the tour along it can take several hours.  

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Topic: Balyamar Cave in Cuba, Matanzas Resort.Balyamar Cave in Cuba, Matanzas Resort

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