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Reeperbahn in Hamburg, Germany

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The Reeperbahn, also known as the Sin Mile, is the center of Hamburg's nightlife.

Reeperbahn – `` official '' the red light district in the country. There are nightclubs, restaurants, bars, discos, cafes, strip scenes, sex shops, brothels and sex museums. Street prostitution becomes legal at certain times of the day.

The shortest street of all the adjacent streets is Herbertstrasse, only 90 meters long. This street is especially popular with men – the girls here are behind the shop windows, just like in the Amsterdam Red Light District. Children and women are strictly prohibited from entering the street.

Street, like most city attractions, it has its own history. In the 19th century, the first entertainment facility for the entertainment of sailors appeared here. In the 20th century, the Reeperbahn became known as the Entertainment Quarter. At that time, performances with trained bears were staged for the port public, magicians performed, and prostitution flourished as well.

Noteworthy on the street: Operetta Theater, where the famous musical Cats was staged for many years.;, Theater Schmidt, Theater `` Sankt Pauli '', which is one of the oldest in the city, Theater `` Imperial '' and the Tivoli Theater. 'Cultural' the quarter map is supplemented by the Museum of Erotic Art and the Museum of Wax Figures Panopticon.

In April 1962, at 39 Grosse Freiheit, the first foreign concert of the famous Liverpool Four took place. On the door of the house, you can see a sign commemorating this event. Today, the house is home to a club that is especially popular with Beatles fans from all over the world. Recently, a square, named after the legendary band, appeared on the corner of the house.

The Quatsch Comedy Club is well worth a visit. Previously, it housed a decent establishment that bore the name Caf Keese. 'Informal' the audience at that time at the entrance to the institution was dispersed by the doorman. The girls danced there right on the tables.

You can have a glass of another in the Ritze tavern located in the house number 162. It is difficult to pass by – the entrance to the establishment is between the separated female legs.

It is worth visiting the restaurant"Zwick" on Millerntorplatz street, where the walls are decorated with dozens of guitars and hundreds of photographs dedicated to famous rock bands. Here you can order dishes such as Celentano mozzarella, Beatles burgers, Paul McCartney vegetarian dish, Rolling Stones salad, and many other original dishes.


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