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Cabaret Folies-Bergeres in France, Paris resort

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Foley-Bergere – one of the most visited cabaret in Paris.

This establishment was founded in 1869. In the 19th century, the prefix `` foley '' became fashionable in French, meaning `` country house covered with leaves. '' Foley began to be used in the names of various institutions, and concert halls were no exception.

The open concert hall was originally named Foley-Trevize, after the name of one of the neighboring streets, but the duke, after whom this street was named, he began to strongly protest that his noble family was associated with an institution of the light genre. So the cabaret was renamed Folies Bergeres, after another nearby street.

For its time, this institution was revolutionary in everything: it began not with the lobby, but with a bar that smoothly turned into the auditorium. At the entrance, visitors bought two tickets at once – to the bar and to the show. One could go to the spectator's seat with wine, food and cigarettes. It was also allowed to talk and move around the hall during the performance, when, like in any other concert hall in Paris, it was strictly forbidden.

The Franco-Prussian War left its mark on the history of this institution. During the hostilities, all performances and numbers were canceled, the bar continued to work, and many political and public figures of those years performed on the stage.

Since 1871, the concert hall was renamed into a cabaret, which significantly changed the specifics of the entertainment program. It was thanks to the Foley-Bergere that cabaret became popular all over the world.

1886 brought the establishment a completely new name - – revue music hall. The view type changed again. Both women and men began to take part in the choreographic performances, and the general program expanded due to comedy and satirical performances.

In the 20th century, the legend of French jazz and cabaret Josephine Baker. It was thanks to the vocal and dance performances of this black artist that the number of seats in the hall was doubled.

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Topic: Cabaret Folies-Bergeres in France, Paris resort.Cabaret Folies-Bergeres in France, Paris resort

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