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Kurfurstendamm in Germany, Berlin resort

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Kurfurstendamm – one of the most famous streets in Berlin, the main thoroughfare in the district of Charlottenburg – Wilmersdorf. Modeled after the Champs Elysees, Kurfustendamm has become a very popular destination for entertainment, walking and shopping.

Kurfustendamm dates back to the middle of the 16th century. At this place there was a walking path along which the electors went from the City Palace to the hunting castle. The idea of rebuilding the street, which was first mentioned in written sources in the 17th century, belongs to Otto Bismarck, who wanted to give the street a luxurious look. This idea has been put into practice. Work on the construction of the boulevard began in 1886. Even before the start of the First World War, the street began to grow overgrown with various institutions, cafes, restaurants, shopping and has become a real entertainment center. Lunapark soon appeared here. This blooming Kurfustendamm was in the first decades of the 20th century. Life here was in full swing, it was on this street that 120 millionaires lived. The street was a meeting place for artists, artists; here the first screenings of films, then still black and white and silent, were held. To this day, the Kurfustendamm is associated with the 'golden twenties' Germany.

However, with the coming to power of a new ideology, Kurfustendamm, which was distinguished by its cosmopolitanism, and, therefore, carrying freedom, democracy, culture, has changed a lot. The festive atmosphere did not meet the requirements of the authorities, so the spirit of the street was destroyed. Especially during the period of eviction and extermination of the Jewish part of the population.

During the Second World War, the street was badly damaged, only 43 houses survived. Rebuilt during the Cold War, the Kurfustendamm has become a symbol of economic miracle. The street was divided by the Berlin Wall and its eastern part became the economic center of West Berlin. With the fall of the wall, the Kurfustendamm became less significant. Gradually it becomes a regular street, densely populated with boutiques and exclusive shops.


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Topic: Kurfurstendamm in Germany, Berlin resort.Kurfurstendamm in Germany, Berlin resort

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