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Riggersburg Castle in Austria

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Riggersburg Castle is the largest medieval castle in Austria, covering an area of 15 hectares. It is located on a high rock (482 meters) above the Grazbach stream.

The castle was founded in 1100 and was the symbol of Eastern Styria. It was built as a fortification, the direct purpose of which was to repel Turkish and Hungarian attacks. In the 17th century, Riggersburg Castle acquired a modern look. In the entire history of its existence, the castle was captured by enemies only once, during the Second World War, by German troops.

The castle consists of several buildings, where 108 rooms are located, which amaze with their decoration. The castle is surrounded by a three-kilometer wall with 11 bastions. You can get to the territory of the castle by going through 7 fortified gates and 2 moats.

The very first building that opens to the eyes of visitors is the former arsenal, which stores military vehicles and weapons used to defend the castle during the siege. Behind the second moat there is the castle itself, where today there is a museum dedicated to people who played an important role in the history of Europe and Austria, including the Liechtenstein family. Also in the castle it is interesting to look at the knight's hall, princely rooms, a Gothic chapel and much more.    

In the courtyard of the castle there is a monument to soldiers who died during the Second World War and an old well, which is surrounded by a forged lattice with a horseshoe woven into the pattern. There is an opinion,

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