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Orth Lake Castle in Austria

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Orth Lake Castle rises majestically over the deepest lake in Austria - Traunsee. The castle was built during the reign of Frederick III. At that time, the main palace ensemble had already been created. Presumably, this place used to be the ruins of a fortress of the Roman Empire.  

In the 19th century, the castle passed into the possession of Johann Salvator (nephew of Franz Joseph). A romantic story is associated with the name of Johanna. He was in love with a ballerina and in order to marry her, he renounced the title of Archduke and began to call himself Johann Orth. Thus, the castle bears his name.

On the territory of the castle, the chapel made in the Gothic style and the vaulted arch decorated in the Renaissance style stand out.

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Topic: Orth Lake Castle in Austria.Orth Lake Castle in Austria

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