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Dunois Castle in France, Loire Valley resort

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Dunois Castle – one of the many castles of the Loire Valley, located in the town of Beaugency. The main donjon dates back to the 11th century and stands on Place Saint-Firmin in the city center. Donjon height – 36 meters. It is surrounded by buildings erected later (XI — XVI centuries). The castle is a typical feudal residence with loopholes, a watchtower and an arcade. The interiors were rebuilt many times, and only the rooms on the third floor have survived in their original form to this day.

The history of the castle is not very rich: in the middle of the 15th century, the so-called `` Orleans bastard '', Jean de Dunois, built the current castle. After marrying Maria d'Arcourt, he becomes a lord of Beaugency. Dunois lives in the castle during the period 1440 – 1457 gg., after which he transferred his residence to the Chateauden castle.

Until 1789 the castle belonged to the descendants of Jean de Dunois, the Dunois-Longueville family. During the French Revolution and after it, during the persecution of aristocratic families, the castle was completely abandoned. For a short period, the castle was used as a shelter and sanatorium for the homeless, later it was organized by the Regional Museum of Arts and Traditions of Orleans. The exhibits displayed in the castle on all three floors tell about the life and customs of the local population. There is also an exposition dedicated to the work of Eugene Xu.

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Topic: Dunois Castle in France, Loire Valley resort.Dunois Castle in France, Loire Valley resort

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