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Palm Jebel Ali in the UAE, Dubai Resort

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Palm Jebel Ali is an artificial island shaped like a date palm surrounded by a crescent-shaped island that acts as a breakwater. Palm Jebel Ali is part of the major Palm Islands project. The island is surrounded by a protective barrier reef in the form of an inscription in Arabic, or rather, quotes from the poem by Mohammed bin Rashid Al-Makhtum (ruler of Dubai). It is located about 22 kilometers from the Jumeirah Island and is 40-50% larger in size and has a more exotic shape.

Construction of the Jebel Ali palm tree was started in 2002, and by 2008 year - completed. In 2009, infrastructure construction began on the island. According to the project, it is assumed that two thousand villas of different layouts, more than a thousand bungalows, will be built on the coastal line, which will be supported by Polynesian-style piles. In order to attract wealthy investors, it is proposed to build houses according to individual projects. Residential buildings will be the last to be built. It is planned to construct a complex of concrete and glass buildings that will be shaped like the sails of yachts.

Four theme parks will open in 2012 on the crescent that surrounds Jebel Ali Island.

It is also planned to build a marine aquarium on the island called"Sea Village", where you can see killer whales, dolphins and other inhabitants of the underwater world, visit world-class water attractions.

A separate road junction will connect the island to the mainland.

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Topic: Palm Jebel Ali in the UAE, Dubai Resort.Palm Jebel Ali in the UAE, Dubai Resort

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