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Palm forest in Elche in Spain

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This palm forest is a grove right in the city block. It is the largest palm forest in Europe and one of the largest in the world.

The palm forest was planted here by the first Muslims who settled in Elche. In the Middle Ages, the forest began to be protected by law.

The most famous forest complexes: Priest's Garden, Lower Garden, Municipal   Park and Confectionery Garden. The finest palm trees grow in the Priest's Garden. This part of the forest was named after the man who owned it in 1918. Some of the palms in this grove are over three hundred years old. Mostly date palms grow in the lemma, which bear fruit in December, but other types of these trees can be seen in the forest.

There is a tree called the Imperial Palm. It was named after Isabella, the Austro-Hungarian empress who visited the garden in 1894. From the trunk of this palm tree there are 7 branches, which are shaped like candlesticks.

In 2000, the palm forest in Elche was included in the UNESCO World Heritage List.


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Topic: Palm forest in Elche in Spain.Palm forest in Elche in Spain

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