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Al Ain Oasis in the UAE, Abu Dhabi Resort

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Al Ain Oasis is located 150 kilometers from the city of Abu Dhabi, on the border of the UAE and Oman. It is also known as an oasis city. Translated from the Arabic language, Al Ain means"spring, source".  

For several thousand years, the Al Ain oasis was one of the important stops for caravans on the trade routes from Oman to ancient India, Persia, the Mediterranean.

The oasis is nourished by springs that originate in the mountain peaks surrounding the city. The oasis city is considered the center of tourism, cultural heritage, agriculture of the Emirate of Abu Dhabi. Despite the fact that the oasis is located in a relatively small area, there are many attractions here:
  •   Mount Jebel Hafeet has the highest peaks in the country (1240 meters), from where it is possible to admire Al Ain. On the mountainous terrain at the foot of the mountain is the Green Mubazzarah Park, which is built around waterfalls and natural hot springs, and the slopes of the mountain are covered with green grass. It is in this park that not only tourists, but also locals love to relax.
  • The largest zoo in the UAE, where exotic animals are presented, as well as animals that live only in Arabia, and an oceanarium, where you can see rare species marine life.
  • Healy Archaeological Park.
  • Museum complexes and several forts, where you can get acquainted with the way of life of the historical rulers of the UAE.
  • In the heart of the oasis city palm plantations are located, some of which are still functioning farms. Almost all farms are equipped with traditional Emirati irrigation systems.

In addition to sightseeing in the oasis, here you can play golf on the grassy grounds located in the shadow of Jebel Hafeet Mountain, attend international competitions in equestrian sports, watch races on the world's best kart tracks and so on.

Traditional Muslim bazaars also work in Al Ain, where you can buy vegetables and fruits, handicrafts and much more .

Quite recently, the Al Ain oasis city was a simple oasis with six small villages, and today it is home to about 500 thousand people.

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Topic: Al Ain Oasis in the UAE, Abu Dhabi Resort.Al Ain Oasis in the UAE, Abu Dhabi Resort

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