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Hohe Tauern National Park in Austria

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Hohe Tauern National Park is located in the central part of the mountain range of the same name. The park covers one of the most beautiful landscapes in the eastern part of the Alps.

The park covers an area of about 1800 square kilometers and is the largest national park in Austria.
In the central part of the park there are huge mountains, glaciers and glacial currents. One of the currents feeds the Krimmler Falls. The periphery of the park is made up of alpine pastures, mountain meadows and protective forests.

The main attractions of the park are:
  • The narrowest mountain gorge in the eastern Alps is Lichtensteinklamm.
  • Golling Falls, which is located between the Karpun Valley and its dams.
  • Kitzsteinhorn Peak, whose height is 2931 meters.
  • Mount Gro?glockner (the highest mountain in Austria), the highest peak of which reaches 3798 meters.

The High Tower is a popular tourist destination. In addition to the opportunity to go in for mountain tourism and mountaineering, there are many walking routes in the park. During a tour of the protected area, you can see unique plants, meet rare animals, listen to a lecture with a slide show and take part in special events that are held in the park, for example, Children's Day.

An excursion road has been laid on the territory of the reserve. The Tauern Highway passing through the National Park is one of the important transport routes in the Alps.

The Austrian government has proposed to inscribe the Hohe Tauern National Park as a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

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Topic: Hohe Tauern National Park in Austria.Hohe Tauern National Park in Austria

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