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Teatro alla Scala in Italy, Milan resort

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La Scala is the world famous Milan opera house, built in the second half of the 18th century by Giuseppe Piermarini.

The theater was built on the site where the Basilica of Santa Maria della Scala, from where and its name came about. The very same basilica got its name from Beatrice della Scala – representatives of the powerful family that ruled Verona. The grand opening of the theater took place in 1778, on this day the first production of the opera Recognized Europe was held here. composer Antonio Salieri.

Throughout its history, the theater has been restored more than once. During the Second World War, the theater building was destroyed, however, it was soon restored to its original form. The restoration work was supervised by engineer L. Sekki. In 1946 the theater reopened.

In 2001, the theater was closed for restoration, and the performances were moved to the building of the Archimboldi Theater. In 2004, the theater reopened to the general public.

At the turn of the XVII – XIX centuries in the repertoire of La Scala operas by such famous composers as D. Cimarosa, S, Mayra, P. Anfossi, L. Cherubini, P. Guglielmi and G. Paisiello appeared.

Since the 1830s in the theater works by V. Bellini, G. Verdi, G. Donizetti and G. Puccini were staged.

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Topic: Teatro alla Scala in Italy, Milan resort.Teatro alla Scala in Italy, Milan resort

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