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Theater Royal, Covent Garden, UK Resort London

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Theater Royal Covent Garden - London theater, in which has hosted opera and ballet performances since 1946. Is home stage of the Royal Ballet of London and the Royal Opera House. The theater is located in the Covent Garden area, after which it received its name.

The modern theater building is already the third. It was built in 1858 and was renovated in the 1990s. The first theater building on this place was built in 1720-1730. on the initiative of the impresario and director John Rich. The theater opened with a production of William Congreve's play This Is light". For a century, the theater   Covent Garden was the leading drama theater in London. In 1734 the first ballet, Pygmalion, was staged here. Maria Salle, performing the main party, she danced, contrary to tradition, without a corset. At the end of 1734 in the theater began to stage operas. The first opera performed within the walls of the theater was "Faithful Shepherd" by GF Handel.

In 1808, there was a fire that destroyed the theater. New the building was built very soon, already in 1809 it was opened by staging Macbeth. In the first half of the 19th century, on the stage of the theater, alternately ballets, operas, dramatic performances, pantomime, clownery were demonstrated other. In 1846 the situation changed, a significant part of the troupe of the Theater Her Majesties moved to the Covent Garden Theater. In this regard, the halls were reconstructed, in 1847 the theater was reopened as a Royal Italian opera. Nine years later, there was another major fire in the theater.

The third theater building that we can see today was designed by Edward Middleton Barry and built 1857-1858 The grand opening of the theater with the production of Meyerbeer's opera"The Huguenots" took place in May 1858.

During the First World War, the theater was used as a warehouse, and during the Second World War, the theater was equipped with a dance hall. In 1946 in Covent Garden Theater ballet returned: it was a production of"Sleeping Beauty" Tchaikovsky by O. Messel. By 1947, the Opera Company was established Covent Garden, which presented Bizet's opera Carmen here.

Contemporary Theater Covent Garden follows a long tradition - holds the Verdi Festival, during Lent they perform here religious oratorios. The theater has the widest repertoire - for the season here show about 150 different performances. The theater also offers to visit guided tours, during which visitors are guided backstage, show The Royal Lounge and so on.

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Topic: Theater Royal, Covent Garden, UK Resort London.Theater Royal, Covent Garden, UK Resort London

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