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Spanish Riding School in Austria, Vienna Spa

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The Spanish riding school was first mentioned in 1572. At that time, wooden structures were built, which were called the Spanish Riding School, where Spanish horses were bred. In 1580, Archduke Karl of Styria in the village of Lipice founded the court stables where horses were bred by crossing Berber and Arabian horses with Andalusian horses, it was here that the Lipizzan horse breed was bred.

In 1681 the emperor of Austria issued a decree on the construction of an arena. The building was designed by Joseph Emanuel Fischer von Erlach. So in the Hofburg in 1735 the Winter Manege was opened. It was a spacious white hall with two galleries, divided by 46 Corinthian columns. The hall was a multifunctional room where tournaments, banquets, parties, celebrations were held.

For more than four centuries, the school has been improving horse riding and dressage, which is brought to the level of art. In this way, horses are taught to jump, gait, gallop and simple stride, turns, exercises on the hind legs and movement at precisely defined times. Horses also perform figures close to works of art, for example,"pirouette".

Today the Spanish riding school does not give performances, but rather is a kind of museum, whose main task is to preserve traditions. & Nbsp;


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Topic: Spanish Riding School in Austria, Vienna Spa.Spanish Riding School in Austria, Vienna Spa

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