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Juliet's Tomb in Italy, Verona resort

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Juliet's Tomb is sarcophagus XIII – XIV century, located in the crypt of the abolished Capuchin monastery. Nowadays, the tomb is one of the popular tourist sites in Verona.

The tomb was first mentioned in the work of Luigi da Porto, written in 1524. After the appearance of the short story, pilgrimages began to be made to the nameless sarcophagus. To stop this, the spiritual authorities adapted the sarcophagus as a reservoir.

In the 19th century, after the publication of the novel Corinna, or Italy; interest in the tomb was renewed.

The tomb was created from red marble, and over the centuries, fragments from which jewelry were created were often chipped off, which significantly damaged the sarcophagus.

In 1868, the tomb was moved from the garden to the wall of the old temple, also above it a portico with arches was erected. For 30 years, the sarcophagus has been surrounded by antique columns and fragments of tombstones. In 1910, a marble bust of Shakespeare was erected next to the portico.

In 1936, after the release of the film Romeo and Juliet; directed by George Cukor, the sarcophagus was moved to the crypt of the cathedral. In 1970, a museum was created in the buildings of the monastery with a large collection of frescoes transferred here from various buildings in the city. Soon the sarcophagus and the crypt in which it is located became one of the objects of the museum.

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Topic: Juliet's Tomb in Italy, Verona resort.Juliet's Tomb in Italy, Verona resort

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