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Messe Berlin in Germany, health resort Berlin

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Messe Berlin – the largest exhibition center in Berlin. More recently, it has also been called the 'Berlin Expocentre'.

In the 1910s, construction of a pavilion for a car exhibition began at the Central Bus Station in Berlin. Construction was completed four years later, but the First World War prevented the opening of the car dealership. As a result, it opened only seven years after the completion of construction, in 1921.

An exhibition hall for the House of the Radio Industry was also erected on the territory of the bus station. The project by the architect Heinrich Straumer was completed in 1924. He is also the author of the radio tower itself – construction of steel, reminiscent of the Eiffel Tower. The radio tower opened in 1926. This event was timed to coincide with the third German radio exhibition.

These two exhibition halls were badly damaged in a fire in 1935, and were destroyed to the ground during the Second World War. However, the model of the modern exhibition complex, created back in 1937 by Richard Ermisch, has survived to this day. Today Messe Berlin is a complex of 26 exhibition halls with a total area of 160 thousand square meters. m. In addition, there are open exhibition areas, exhibitor service centers, gastronomic establishments, offices and conference rooms. Thus, the entire complex covers an area of over 550 thousand square meters. m.

In the center of the complex there is a summer garden, which is easy to get into from different pavilions. Structures built in the 1930s and 1950s protected by the state and are architectural monuments of Berlin.

The International Congress Center connects to the exhibition complex by a special passage, the halls of which are provided for official opening and closing ceremonies of exhibitions, round tables, press conferences and other events.

Representatives of Messe Berlin are located in 85 countries, so exhibitors can easily contact the organizers. Moreover, the number of countries participating in the events requires a constant expansion of exhibition space, in connection with which construction of the Airport Expo Center began in 2011.

Among the most important exhibitions regularly held at Messe Berlin , you can note such

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Topic: Messe Berlin in Germany, health resort Berlin.Messe Berlin in Germany, health resort Berlin

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