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Lubeck Cathedral in Germany, Lubeck resort

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Lübeck Cathedral is one of the first largest brick Gothic buildings in the Baltic region. The cathedral is 130 meters long, which is also a record for red-brick churches.

According to legend, Charlemagne, while hunting in the Duchy of Saxony, tried for a long time to catch a large deer. Finally he succeeded, but no matter how much he tried he could not kill the animal. Then Karl decided to let the deer go by hanging a gold chain on its horns. 400 years have passed, and Henry the Lion went hunting in the same forest. The Duke had long planned to build a church in Lubeck, but due to lack of funds he could not carry out his plan. During the hunt, Henry, deep in thought, retired from his retinue. Suddenly a huge deer appeared in front of him, in whose horns a gold chain with a diamond cross was visible. Without thinking twice, the duke took aim and fired, the mighty deer fell. Approaching the beast, Henry removed the cross from its horns, after which the deer jumped up and fled deep into the forest. The duke now had sufficient funds to build the church. The Duke himself took part in the construction, he also laid the very first stone in the foundation.

Today, Lubeck Cathedral is the second richest in decoration among the churches of Lubeck. Of particular interest among tourists are the stone sarcophagi located in the funeral chapels of the church.

In the central part of the main cathedral, you can see the triumphal 17-meter cross, made by the Lubeck sculptor and painter Bernt Notke. The cross was installed in the cathedral in 1477 with funds allocated by the Lübeck bishop Albert II Krummendik. The attribution of the cross to the painter took place only five centuries later. Bernt Notke also created Lettner's wooden carvings, which were decorated with an astronomical clock in 1628.

Today, Lübeck, along with other medieval buildings in the historic center of Lübeck, is on the UNESCO World Heritage List.


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Topic: Lubeck Cathedral in Germany, Lubeck resort.Lubeck Cathedral in Germany, Lubeck resort

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