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Porto Torres in Italy, Sardinia resort

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Porto Torres is a small town on the island of Sardinia.

In ancient times, the city was called Turris Libissonis. The city was considered one of the significant settlements on the island. Scientists believe that the city was founded in the era of Ancient Rome, as it bore the title `` Colonia Julius ''.

Traces of this ancient city, preserved to this day, indicate that Porto Torres was quite an important point in the Roman Empire. On the ancient milestones, inscriptions have been preserved, according to which the main road of the island from Karalis ran directly to Turris. During the Middle Ages, the episcopal throne was located here.

The modern city was built on ancient Roman foundations. From the old buildings in Porto Torres, the ruins of a temple dedicated to Fortuna, an aqueduct, a basilica and thermae, as well as an old bridge over the river Fiume Turritano have survived.

Porto Torres flourished until the 11th century, and then most of the inhabitants moved to the more modern city of Sassari, located in the hills. Later the city was under the auspices of the Genoese Republic, and in the 15th century it was conquered by the Aragon dynasty. Later, the city was part of the Kingdom of the Two Sicilies. In the 19th century, the city gained independence and acquired its present name.

Currently, Porto Torres is a small port city, very popular with tourists, thanks to its ancient buildings. Among the main attractions, the three-aisled church of San Gavino (11th century), built of porphyry, marble and granite, deserves special attention. The crypt of the basilica houses sarcophagi dating back to the Roman era. Also worth a visit are the nuragues of Li Pedriazzi, Mincharedda, La Camusina and Margone, the necropolises of Li Lyoni and Su Crocifissa Mannu, the Tank Borgon catacombs, and much more.


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Topic: Porto Torres in Italy, Sardinia resort.Porto Torres in Italy, Sardinia resort

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