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Chateaudun Castle in France, Paris resort

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Chateaudun Castle – one of the castles of the Loire, which is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Located near the city of Chartres.

Built in XII   - XVI centuries. In 1179, under Count Thibault V de Blois, the main residential tower was erected. The large chapel was built over several decades: from 1451 to 1493, the choir and the upper chapel – from 1451 to 1454, naves and chapel – from 1460 to 1464, the bell tower – in 1493.

There are two wings in this castle: the western wing of Dunois, which was built by the famous commander Jean de Dunois in the period 1459 – 1468 and the north wing of Longueville, built a little later, from 1469 to 1491. This wing was modified by the descendants of Francois I d ’ Orleans-Longueville in the first quarter of the 16th century.

For tourists, the frescoes of the castle are of particular interest, in particular, the fresco depicting the Last Judgment on one of the walls in the chapel of the Great Tower. Researchers note that this mural is over 500 years old.  


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Topic: Chateaudun Castle in France, Paris resort.Chateaudun Castle in France, Paris resort

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