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Palais Royal in France, Paris resort

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One of the main historical sights of Paris and France. The palace is located opposite the northern part of the Louvre.

Translated from the French language, this is the `` royal palace '', but it did not immediately become royal. The Palais Royal was built at the very beginning of the 17th century for Cardinal Richelieu. It was his residence, home and at the same time the main headquarters of the guards regiment.

After the death of the great cardinal in 1642, Anna of Austria began to live here together with the young king Louis XIV. Later, the palace again ceased to be royal, and was transferred as the residence of the Dukes of Orleans, who actively participated in governing the country.

By the 18th century, part of the palace was demolished and the legendary Palais Royal Theater was built in its place. It is with this theater that the life and work of the great French playwright Jean-Baptiste Moliere is associated. The French Comedy Theater was built in 1784.

In the 20th century, the Palais Royal became not only a museum, but also a place for exhibitions of contemporary art. Exhibitions of paintings and various installations are periodically organized here.


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