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Sorbonne in France, Paris resort

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The Sorbonne is one of the main symbols of France, along with the Eiffel Tower and the Louvre. Once a small university, over the centuries of its existence, it has grown into one of the largest university buildings in the world.

Attempts to create the first university in Europe took place back in the XII century, but only a century later they began to talk about the University openly ... 1215 was the year of the unification of several centers for the training of clergy, namely the Parisian church schools, into a single organization, later called the University of Paris. In 1230, the University became an autonomous educational institution, the only authority to which the University was subordinate was the Pope himself.

Initially, there were only four faculties of the University: Canon Law, Free Arts, Theology and Medicine. The right to study there was granted with a special permission from the church.

1257 was a turning point for the history of the University of Paris. It was in this year that the college for poor children was founded by Robert de Sorbon. Sorbonne himself came from a poor family who went to study with one of the French clerics. Robert rose to the highest church ranks and decided to devote his life to teaching poor children, which he once was.

The glory of the Sorbonne College, in half a century, eclipsed all theological schools not only in Paris, but also all over France. The question arose about the merger of the college and the theological faculty of the University of Paris. The method of student selection proposed by Sorbon was accepted by all faculties, now it is no longer necessary to be noble to be eligible to study at the University.

Three centuries later, all faculties were united under the common name of Sorbonne in memory about a great theologian and teacher. The university became one of the most respected educational institutions in the world, not every graduate managed to get the title of Doctor of the Sorbonne, but the presence of the legendary black cap immediately made the scientist famous all over the world.

For many For centuries, the Sorbonne remained a theological university, and only by the end of the 18th century secular education began to be given there.

The 19th century divided a single university into ten different, by the 20th century, there were thirteen of them.

At the moment, the Sorbonne is a united 13 universities, 4 of which are located in historic buildings, the rest are scattered across Paris and other cities. In Paris today there are 8 Sorbonne universities, each of which is responsible for its own profile of education. The prestige of the specialty received here is still appreciated all over the world.

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