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Bartholdi Fountain in France, Lyon resort

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Imagep>The history of the creation of this sculptural composition is very specific. At the time of designing the fountain, Bartholdi lived not in Lyon, but in the city of Bordeaux. In 1857, the Bordeaux City Hall announced a competition for the best fountain design for the central square of the city. Bartholdi won the competition, but the mayor's office, without hesitation, decided to close the project, citing the too young age of the chief architect. In 1886, Bartholdi created the symbol of America – the Statue of Liberty, and the forgotten fountain project was suddenly launched by the city hall. At that time, the Bordeaux municipality did not have enough funds to implement all the architect's plans, so it was decided to sell the project to another city. Lyon became the city.

After numerous negotiations in 1892, the fountain was nevertheless built. Since then, during the restoration in the 20th century, only lighting elements were added.

The sculptural composition represents four horses, symbolizing the four largest rivers of France. These horses are driven by a woman, under whom, according to the French tradition, Freedom is symbolized.

In 1995, the fountain was recognized as a historically valuable object in France.

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Topic: Bartholdi Fountain in France, Lyon resort.Bartholdi Fountain in France, Lyon resort

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