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Museum of Halo-Roman Civilization in France, Lyon Resort

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The Museum of Halo-Roman Civilization contains artifacts from the excavations of ancient structures located at the foot of Fourviere Hill.

Modest building The museum was built not far from the excavations themselves and at first glance will not make much of an impression on visitors. The building of the museum was built in 1975. The inconspicuousness of the building and its location are not accidental – the chief architect had a goal not to disturb the composition of the ancient ruins with a modern building.

Inside there are rare antique exhibits. In the main exhibition hall, you can see the unique mosaics of ancient Rome. First, these mosaics are striking in their size: some of them occupy an entire wall. Secondly, The preservation of these mosaics can be a reason for pride among the Italians themselves. Thirdly, these mosaics are depicted not quite typical subjects for Roman painting: for example, the largest mosaic depicts a spectacular performance – chariot race.

In addition to the mosaic hall in the museum, you can see the remains of a ceremonial Roman chariot, on which representatives of Caesar went to take the oath of legionnaires. The museum also contains sarcophagi from the tombs of the Romans. Some of the sarcophagi are also striking in the degree of their preservation.

A unique exhibit of the museum is the altar of one of the pagan temples, built in honor of Anthony Pius in 160, at the time of his serious illness. Under one of the showcases you can see the rarest documents of the Roman Empire – recordings of the speeches of Emperor Claudius.

The last hall of the museum is dedicated not to authentic exhibits, but to a variety of reconstructions: ancient Roman clothing, weapons, dishes and other household items. Here you can see the models of all buildings nearby, their intended appearance at the time of creation.

Tourist groups are allowed to visit the museum only after visiting the ancient ruins. After the most interesting excursions, you can continue sightseeing.


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Topic: Museum of Halo-Roman Civilization in France, Lyon Resort.Museum of Halo-Roman Civilization in France, Lyon Resort

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