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Sully-sur-Loire castle in France, Sicily resort

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Castle of Sully-sur-Loire – one of the Loire castles, like the others, is closely related to the history of France. It is included in the list of UNESCO World Heritage Sites. The castle is located on the left bank of the Loire, on the trade routes between Berry and Sologne. At the end of the 14th century, their possessions passed to Guy de la Treimoule, who decided to rebuild the castle and supplement it with a donjon, which still stands today.

The castle reached its current heyday during the reign of Maxmelien de Buteon, who became the owner castle at the beginning of the 17th century. He later added the name of the castle to his surname and went down in French history as the Grand Duke de Sully. It must be said that his family owned the castle until 1962, when the state bought the castle. The Duke, who was a Huguenot and survived the St. Bartholomew's Night at the age of 12, began as a page with the king and later became head of government and friend of Henry III. After the assassination of the king, Maxmelien retired to his estate, spent the rest of his life there and wrote his memoirs.

The Sully-sur-Loire castle is famous and attractive to visitors for its interior decoration, which is very well preserved: the grand staircase , lancet roof   XIV century, interior decoration of the watchtowers.

The interiors of the castle are notable for their variety. Preserved two old large halls with embrasure windows. In one of the halls there is a statue of de Sully and portraits of representatives of the family. Rooms with interiors in the style of Louis XIII and Louis XIV, much more comfortable and smaller. One of the rooms, Psyche's room, is completely decorated with 18th century tapestries depicting an ancient Greek plot. Also in the castle is a rich collection of carpets, paintings, weapons and documents related to the XVI – XVIII centuries.

The castle was visited by many famous French: in 1429 it was visited by Jeanne d ’ Arc, in the period 1716 – 1719 Voltaire was hiding here, persecuted for his satirical works.

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Topic: Sully-sur-Loire castle in France, Sicily resort.Sully-sur-Loire castle in France, Sicily resort

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