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Pont de la Concorde in France, Paris resort

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The Bridge of Concord, also known as the Concorde Bridge, is the busiest and most used bridge in modern Paris.

It connects the Bourbon Palace with the historic center of Paris – Square of Consent.

Construction of the crossing in this place began in 1787. Oddly enough, but this most lively place in the French capital until the 18th century was only a temporary crossing in the form of a ferry, which transported hundreds of thousands of people every day.

The bridge was built only a few years, and was completed already after the Great Revolution in 1791. The desire to glorify revolutionary events prompted the French to give the bridge the name of the Revolution, and not Louis XVI, as previously assumed. This was justified by the fact that during the construction of the bridge, stones from the ruins of the Bastille were used.

The 19th century brought the glory of Napoleon to the bridge, who immortalized on it the memory of several dead French generals, placing at the entrance to the bridge their statues. By the end of the 19th century, there were so many statues of the great leaders of France on the bridge that the question arose about the possible collapse of the structure under the weight of the sculptures. All the statues were removed and transported to Versailles.

The global reconstruction of the Pont de la Concorde in the 30s of the XX century made it the widest Parisian bridge, increasing its capacity several times.

Today, the Pont de la Concorde among Parisians is synonymous with the most lingering traffic jams in the city.

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Topic: Pont de la Concorde in France, Paris resort.Pont de la Concorde in France, Paris resort

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