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Dominican Church in Germany, Munster resort

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The Dominican Church is a Catholic Baroque church located in the historic part of Munster.

The church was built by a Dominican monastery ... Construction began in 1708 and completed in 1725. The author of the project was the architect Lambert Friedrich Korfeya, who in 1733 was buried in this temple. In 1728, the consecration of the church in honor of St. Joseph took place.

During the mediatization, the Dominican monastery was closed and all the monastic buildings became the property of the municipality. Until 1826, the church functioned as a garrison church.

At the end of the 19th century, the church building was acquired by the city. In 1889, a church was opened in the building at the real gymnasium of Munster.

During the Second World War, the church was seriously damaged. Restoration work in the church was carried out until 1974. The rest of the monastic buildings were completely destroyed, only part of the wall remained, which can be seen in the northern part of the basilica.

Today the Dominican Church is a three-nave Baroque church with a transverse nave ... A dome rises at the intersection of the transverse and central nave, and two bell towers rise from the altar part on both sides.

Red brick was the main building material. The northwest facade of the church, decorated with pilasters, made in the form of Ionic pseudo-columns, was made of mountain light sandstone. In the niches of the facade you can see sculptures of Thomas Aquinas and St. Dominic.

The baroque altar of the church was created in 1699 especially for the church in Paderbon. In 1903, the altar was bought for the Dominican Church.

The organ, which can be seen today in the basilica, was made by Paul Ott in 1958. In 1975 the old organ body was replaced with a new one.

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