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Church of St. Lambert in Germany, Munster resort

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The Church of St. Lambert in Munster is a prominent representative of the late Gothic architecture of Westphalia. Every day, except Tuesday, the trumpeter on the bell tower of the basilica blows the horn every half hour, from 21:00.

The church building was laid in 1375. At that time, the church was stylistically a hall temple, made in the late Gothic style. In 1386, an organ was installed in the church, which was replaced in 1580 with a new one.

In the 19th century, the Gothic dilapidated dome was rebuilt in the classicism style. In 1871, due to the threat of collapse of the tower, due to its dangerous slope, construction work was carried out in the tower, during which the dome of the tower acquired a pseudo-Gothic style. The authors of the project were Hilger Hertel the Younger and Bernhard Hertel.

During the Second World War, the tower and the roof of the church were completely destroyed. In 1946, the first step was to restore the roof, the rest of the work continued until the end of the 1950s.

In 1987, an organ created by the workshop was installed in the building Karl Schuke, an organ by Johann Rohlf was also installed in the choir of the church in 2004.

The church gained its fame after the events of the Munster commune (1534-1535), according to the completion of which the bodies of Bernt Krechting, John of Leiden and Bernt Knipperdolling, leaders of the Anabaptist uprising, were exhibited in the church in iron cages.

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Topic: Church of St. Lambert in Germany, Munster resort.Church of St. Lambert in Germany, Munster resort

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